Tree Removal

Tree removal Jacksonville FloridaWe know you have several choices when it comes to tree removal companies in Jacksonville. Any Google search with the term tree removal will pull up a list of the companies. That is why we are thankful you picked us. With years of experience, state of the art equipment, affordable prices and a willingness to do what is right for the tree and the customer, we’re here to help. Whether that is removing a tree or just giving you information on how to move forward with it.

Why Remove a Tree?

Trees add value to a property, but if they are dead, diseased, or damaged, then they can become a liability. Our team often removes trees that have become heavily damaged from storms or are diseased and would likely die. We also remove trees that are growing too close to the home or to power lines or other areas that they may cause damage to. If you’re concerned about one of your trees, let us know.

Tree removal process can be complex depending on the size and location of the tree. Most of the time trees need to be removed piece by piece or require specialized equipment and climbing to remove it safely. We use the latest specialized equipment to safely remove trees. This includes a bucket truck to better reach tall branches, a crane, if needed, to help us control the tree, and a chipper machine to clean up after the tree is down. All of our equipment is state-of-the-art, which allows us to do the job quickly so that you can enjoy your yard without the risk of the tree in it anymore.

What Else Do We Offer?

After we remove a tree, we also provide optional stump grinding services. The stump can become a breeding ground for pests or start to rot, which detracts from the beauty of your landscaping. It also creates a tripping hazard, and the roots can continue to grow. Our stump grinding services get rid of those factors by removing the stump right from the start.

For fast, efficient, and clean tree removal service, call Jacksonville Tree Service.